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  / The Ultimate Athlete Seminar  


The Ultimate Athlete Seminar series is a no holds barred hands on learning experience. Coach Rick Scarpulla has developed the most dynamic training program available geared directly toward athletes and athletic performance. Not just powerlifters but athletes. There is simply no other program or seminar comparable to The Ultimate Athlete Seminars.

 Coach Scarpulla will take you through some of the key points to speed and strength training methods currently used by today's top athletes. You will learn about proper bio-mechanics and primary muscle function. You will not only learn how the body is meant to function but why you fail a certain points during a selected exercise, Learn the secret keys of how your own individual genetics contribute to or diminish how you develop as an athlete and why. In addition you will learn how to understand the proper arrangement of the Ultimate Athlete Program and how to maximize it for Crossfit or your chosen sport.

Set for all level athletes from novice thru the top pros. It will also cover how to individualize the program to fit and perform for your needs and experience level. Coach Scarpulla makes the program fit the athlete- not the athlete fit the program". Coach will cover how to approach and achieve proper mental mindset and how to stay in the zone. Understanding your mental training rhythm is a key factor to continuing gains. The methods and training secrets being taught are the same methods Coach Scarpulla is teaching and using at West Point and top Nike/Sparq Training Camps.

 This will change the way you approach and think about Crossfit. This is the real way the top athletes in the game today are training. No smoke and mirrors no glorified aerobics program. This is an in your face no holds barred intense training program and you will make gains like never before This is a rare one time chance to learn from one of the nations best! For your team ,box, gym or for yourself.

This is the most informative seminar you will ever attend. This is the one everyone is raving about! Seminars are limited and once they're done they're done! Sign up now, or call contact us for details. Don't get left behind!!!

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