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What We Do

In this day and age the need for faster, stronger, more explosive athletes is one of the top priorities for all athletes as well as coaches at all levels of sports.

Most sports played today are really about short to midrange acceleration and physical domination, therefore  explosive speed as well as explosive strength are a must.

We can help set up a solid speed and strength program that will not only help in your sport performance but it will greatly reduce the risk of injury. Here at Ultimate Advantage we specialize in helping you become a faster, stronger more explosive athlete.

For over 15 years we have been helping athletes of all levels from youth through professional reach new levels.

Rick Scarpulla and his staff are highly skilled and have worked with some of the best coaches and athletes around today. We understand what it takes to become your best is about more than just trying hard. You must know what to do and how to do it correctly. We use the most current training techniques combined with tried and true favorites to maximize performance.

Simply put we build better athletes! We can get you in the best possible condition for your maximum performance. That is why athletes come to us from all over. Ultimate Advantage is where serious athletes come to train. We Guarantee your Satisfaction! No exceptions!

Groups, Teams or individuals we make you a better athlete so you can play your sport better. Give us a call and let's set something up for you today

Contact us 914-443-1110 

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